Vaccinations At Chet Johnson Drug

At Chet's, vaccines (except COVID-19) are offered on a walk-in basis Monday through Friday 9am-6pm. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule: 

                  Pfizer (1st, 2nd, 3rd***, Booster Ages 16+*): Monday through Friday 9am-5pm

                  Pfizer (Booster age 12-16*): Tuesday & Friday 9am-6pm

                  Pfizer (Children ages 6**-11): Tuesday & Friday 9am-6pm

                  Moderna (3rd*** & Booster): Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am-5pm

                  Johnson & Johnson (1st & Booster):  Tuesday & Friday 9am-5pm

         *Pfizer Boosters are approved for anyone 12+ & Moderna Boosters approved for anyone 18+

        ** We are not able to vaccinate children under the age of 6

       ***3rd dose is indicated for immunocompromised:  Pfizer age 5+ and Moderna 18+