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Pharmacy Services



We provide mailing and delivery services for our patients.

Many of our patients cannot come into our store.  For a small fee of $5.00, we offer mail and delivery service to make obtaining your prescription or other over-the-counter items more convenient.

Delivery is available during the week.  We deliver within the Amery area Monday through Friday.  We delivery to many surrounding areas as well.  We have patients in Clear Lake, Clayton, Deer Park, Balsam Lake, New Richmond, St. Croix Falls, Osceola, Milltown, Dresser, and Hudson.

Please contact Chet's for more information about receiving items by mail or delivery!

Mail and Deivery


We offer many immunizations at Chet's on a walk-in basis.

No need for an appointment or clinic visit... we can provide immunizations at Chet's!

Our pharmacists are trained to provide vaccinations, and we have done thousands.  We also communicate with your local physician by updating your immunizations status in the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (unless you opt out).

If you have insurance or Medicare, many vaccines are available to you at no charge.  Please call and talk to a pharmacist to learn more.

Executive Making a Phone Call


Feel like you are making too many calls and trips to the pharmacy?  We can help!

We have implemented a robust medication synchronization service at Chet's which is loved by many of our patients!

How it works:

We work to match up your medications so they are due at the same time every month.

Each month, we begin processing your prescriptions a few days before you run out.  This allows us time to address medications that are out of refills or expired, need a prior authorization through the insurance, or are out of stock.

Once everything is ready, you will receive a call, text, or email!

Blood Pressure


Keeping a healthy blood pressure is very important for many of our patients.

We can monitor your blood pressure at Chet's!  Just tell the pharmacy clerk you would like to have your blood pressure checked.  We can then provide you with a blood pressure log to keep your numbers accessible and help you communicate better with your physician.

We also have many resources available to help you understand how to maintain a healthy blood pressure.



We offer a variety of lab tests you can do from the comfort of your own home! 

1) Lab Kits can be purchased at Chet's... no copays or doctor visits required!  If you don't want to come into the store, we can mail the box to you or meet you for curbside pick-up!

2) Simply complete the test at home!  This may require peeing in a cup, pricking a finger, or swabbing your mouth.

3) Watch for results.  Some tests give immediate results, while others require the sample to be mailed.  Mailing your sample is easy using the pre-addressed and postage-free envelope provided.  These results will be delivered to you electronically in a matter of days.

4) If you test positive, you can have a free same-day treatment phone consultation with a physician.

5) Pick up your prescription at Chet's!

Pill Box.jpg


Having trouble managing your medications?  We offer a variety of medication packaging options for patients who need additional help.

Chet's medication packaging services are very popular.  This is a great way to involve your pharmacist even more in making sure you are taking your medications at the right time every day.

This is also a great gift for children to give to parents.  By involving your pharmacist in medication packaging, you can help keep your parent living independently longer.

We have many options available, so please contact us to find the best option for you.  Some options include a weekly box, blister cards, and alarmed boxes.

This service is available for as little as $1 - $1.50 per day.  Please talk to one of our pharmacists to inquire about this valuable service.

Prescription Medication


Our patients have the opportunity to meet with a pharmacist for a comprehensive medication review.

A comprehensive medication review is a very important and valued service for many patients, especially those on multiple medications.  As drug experts, our pharmacists apply their knowledge to your specific medication regimen to identify ways to improve your health and avoid adverse consequences.

Some Medicare Part D plans offer this service to you at no charge once a year.  Wisconsin Medicaid may offer this service at no charge up to four times per year.  If you get a call from the pharmacist to schedule a medication review, take advantage of this valued service!

If you would like to inquire about accessing this service, please call and speak to one of our pharmacists.

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