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Continued Training Opportunities

Do you want a chance to expand your product and service knowledge? Interested in earning a raise or reward? Check out the continued training opportunities below to learn a new skill and earn a reward! Review the materials in the workshop, then schedule a time for your knowledge check. You will be paid for your time and receive a reward upon completion of a successful knowledge check.

Note: If you fail a knowledge test you can reschedule and take it again. There's no limit to how many tests you can take. You will be paid once for your time reviewing the materials.

CBD Workshop

Hypertension Workshop

Review how to properly take blood pressures and what the numbers mean. Learn how to fit the blood pressure cuff, proper blood pressure taking techniques, and how to interpret the customer's results. You will also be trained on ways to reduce hypertension.

Train in-depth on what CBD is and how it can help our patients. Learn about the different forms and strengths of the medication and why it is so important to find a reputable brand like Ananda Professionals. Next time a customer asks you for a recommendation for CBD oil, you will have all the answers! 

Essential Oil Workshop

Compression Stocking 101

Learn how about doTERRA brand essential oils, what they are used for, how to use them, essential oil safety, and DIY essentials to share with customers!

Master the art of compression stocking sizing  through this training workshop. You will learn what compression stockings are for, how to properly size customers, and how to help them choose their compression, material, and style.

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