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Blood pressure monitor

Hypertension Workshop

Welcome to the hypertension workshop! You will be learning how to properly take blood pressure, what things affect blood pressure, what systolic and diastolic numbers mean, and what we can suggest to patients to help them manage their blood pressure. 

Measuring Waist


What affects blood pressure?

Review the following resources to understand what everyday choices affect a person's blood pressure and why it matters.

What is high blood pressure?

Common High Blood Pressure Myths

4 Habits that raise blood pressure

HBP the "Silent Killer"

10 minute read


How to take blood pressure

Watch the videos below about how to take blood pressure correctly.

How to take your blood pressure

Blood Pressure Basics

7 minute video

Checking Blood Pressure
Healthy Habits


How to control blood pressure

Learn tips and tricks to lower your blood pressure and pass them on to patients!

Everday ways to lower blood pressure

Protein and hypertension

High blood pressure, why me?

5 minute video

10 minute read


What the numbers mean

Watch the video and read the article linked below to understand what the systolic and diastolic numbers mean.

What do the numbers mean?

How blood pressure works

5 minute video

5 minute read

Blood pressure monitor


Filling Out Prescriptions

Hypertension Questionnaire

Now that you understand blood pressure a little better, it's time to brush up on those hypertension questionnaires!

Questionnaire Guide

Hypertension follow up script

5 minute read

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