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Stripped Socks In Shoes

Compression Stockings

Learn about the different styles and strengths of compression stockings, how to size them, and who should be wearing them. Let's dive in!



Read this article and watch the 2 videos from included in the article to learn about sizing compression stockings.

Vim & Vigor sizing guide

3 minute video.

15 minute read.



Watch this short video to learn how to properly measure patients for compression stockings.

Compression Stocking Measurements

2 minute video


Tree Socks

This video will show you tips and tricks for putting on compression stockings. They are difficult to get on and the patient may need help knowing how to start.

Donning compression stockings

12 minute video


Man Doing Blood Test

Diabetic socks are different than compression stockings. They are made specially for those facing extra complications that come with diabetes.

Dr. Comfort diabetic socks

9 minute video



Looking at compression stocking boxes can be confusing. This video will help you understand how to read the packaging and feel confident that you are choosing the correct product for the patient.

Reading compression stocking boxes

9 minute video

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