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Bottles of Essential Oil

CBD Workshop

Read/view the resources below to learn about CBD oil, how it works, and why Chet's chooses to offer Ananda Professionals brand. Once you have completed all the materials, please schedule a knowledge check with Nicole.



What is CBD oil? 

Learn about what CBD is and the laws about how it can be made, sold and consumed legally.. Click the links below to view an 8-minute video at the top of the article. Then follow read an article called "CBD vs. THC" that further explains the effects of CBD on the body.

PBS video on CBD oil


8 minute video.

10 minute read.


Customer FAQ's

These are some of the most common questions patients have about CBD. Watch the video to find out the answers!

Cusotmer FAQ

2 minute video.

Image by Roberto Valdivia
Essential Oils


Why Ananda Professionals?

 There are many companies that offer CBD products. You see them everywhere from the drugstore to the gas station. But which brands really work? Read this article to learn why Chet's chooses Ananda Professionals.

Ananda Professionals Overview

5 minute read


How to Dose CBD Oil

Read this article about CBD and dosing created by Ananda Profefssionals. 

Dosing CBD OIl

15 minute read.

Image by Kimzy Nanney
Drug Testing


CBD and Drug Tests

Find out how CBD effects drug testing by reading the short article 

CBD and Drug Testing

3 minute read.


Ananda Professionals Products

Click the following links to learn more about other kinds of products offered by Ananda Professionals.

Pet CBD Oil

CBD Gummies

CBD Lotions

Bliss CBD Intimates

25 minute read.

5 minute video.

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis
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