Pharmacy Focus:  Are Your Medications Causing Nutrient Deficiency?


When you take a medication, it can relieve your symptoms or treat a medical condition, but it may also cause a lesser known side effect: nutrient depletion.  In some cases, a medication may interfere with your body's ability to absorb certain nutrients from dietary sources.  In other cases, a medication may interfere with the body's natural processes of producing nutrients.


Come learn about commonly used medications that can cause nutrient deficiencies, including cholesterol medications (statins), acid reducers, diabetes medications, antibiotics, blood pressure medications, and diuretics.  We will also discuss how you can combat these nutrient deficiencies by taking supplements.


Date:    Wednesday, February 6

Time:   11:00am   and    6:00pm

Fee:      FREE

Location:  Chet Johnson Drug - Ellie’s Parlor

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